Doctor Sleep (2019)

June 21, 2021 Fox Hill and Bella Heath-Massey Season 2 Episode 6
Doctor Sleep (2019)
Show Notes

Dare to go back.
Welcome back to The Goreporium. This week we watched, discussed, and reviewed Doctor Sleep (2019), the sequel to Stephen King's classic - The Shining. So, take a seat at the Goreporium, be careful not to touch anything, and join us as we head back to the Overlook and dive into the world of shine-feasting vampires, ugly hats, ghost boxes, familiar scenes, death cats, scarily good child actors, and, of course, a naked bathtub ladies.

 We hope you enjoy your visit!

Content Warning: Discussions of sexual abuse, child torture, and domestic violence. 

A big thank you to:
Beck Gray, our beloved night manager & editor.
Tyler Massey, the creator of our theme song. Check out his podcast WMSCP. 
Brendan Hill, our executive producer and head in a jar. 

Disclaimer: We are simply two haunted shop owners/horror enthusiasts. We are far from professional critics and should not be taken seriously. This podcast also contains spoilers, discussions of violence, and frequent naughty language.